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Filters are indispensable on the motorcycle. Without the filter, the engine would become so dirty that the engine would be damaged. The engine performance will then suffer a lot. We have two filters in the range: the air filter and the oil filter. In addition to fuel, the combustion process also requires air. This is sucked in and contains many dust particles and other dirt that should of course not enter the engine. The air filter captures all the dirt and ensures that the air / fuel mixture is as clean as possible for optimal combustion. The oil filter has a similar job. Oil is used as a lubricant in the engine and eventually carries impurities. The oil filter collects this dirt like a sort of sieve, which purifies the oil and keeps the lubrication optimal. Since both filters collect a lot of dirt, they can become clogged over time. It is therefore important to replace the filters regularly. The oil filter must also be replaced when the oil is changed. The filters can be ordered separately, but are also part of our maintenance package. These packages can be found under: Maintenance.